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Dr. Manal Kelig an entrepreneur who has co-founded two companies in the field of tourism. She has a wide range of experience as a historian, speaker, and traveler. She likes to consider herself a Philanthropreneur who brings an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy as she is interested in effecting positive changes in the world through alleviating suffering. She is a serial volunteer with a special focus on the development of women and the education of children. She has hosted various international events focused on community development and human empowerment as the International Day of Peace, International Day of Tourism, Global Youth Day, and Global Mentoring Women Walk.




Aliaa M. Abaza completed a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Music at the American University in Cairo and obtained an MBA with a specialization in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School, Heriott Watt University, Scotland.  Her work experience has varied greatly between working for a leading Private Equity firm to designing jewelry and working in the fashion industry in Egypt. Her stage management experience stems from her involvement with the Osiris Singers, a chamber choir that began as a student choir at AUC and continued outside AUC. As well as being a choir member Aliaa was assistant to the director and later on became the choir's administrator. She has worked on organizing more than 25 concerts for the choir, sourcing props, and helping with stage management.



Executive Producer

A globetrotting, travel entrepreneur who turned his passion for travel into successful businesses & founded Gateway To Egypt for Travel Marketing & Great Wonders of Egypt for Responsible Travel. After graduating from the faculty of Tourism &  Hotels Management he pursued a diploma in Archaeology and independent studies in IT. He worked for a few years as an Egyptologist-Guide in Egypt. Then he expanded his work to be an International Tour Manager where he traveled to and worked in many destinations. Through his travels, he realized his passion for adventure tourism and his interest in cultural heritage. His travels were the initiation for change that made him decide to look for means of offering innovative trip planning services that safeguard the culture and nature. Basem used his passion for travel and growing interest in IT to develop positive economic and community impact. Basem 's main business focus now is on making technology work for the tourism sector and boost development in disadvantaged communities. His latest project is developing sustainable voluntourism products. Basem makes use of all opportunities to support students of tourism schools. 



Director of Video & Production

Mohamed Safwat is an AUC graduate with a BA in Economics and an MBA with an Operations Management focus.  He has been in the hospitality industry for more than a decade and is specialised in learning and development. From his years at AUC Mohamed was actively involved in the Osiris Singers, a chamber choir that began as a student choir at AUC and continued outside AUC. Mohamed was involved in editing the choir's concerts and providing visual effects at the performances. Along with his passion for music, he has a passion for video editing and educational entertainment.



Marwa Hegazy is a 22-year-old nature-lover, who graduated with a degree in Business and International Commerce from The French University in Egypt (UFE) and a Masters 1 Degree in International Commercial Negotiations from The New Sorbonne University, Paris III.

​She believes in equality among all human beings and chose to work in the field of community development. She is easily fascinated by different cultures, history, arts, and animals, but her three absolute favorite things in life are coffee, traveling and books



Nanotechnologist/ Animator. 
Life goals to travel the world and make it a better place. 



Shahd Bebars is 23 years old, she graduated with a degree in Management from The French University in Egypt.

Shahd actively participated in a community development club during college and was part of the student union.

She likes to always keep herself occupied with activities and enjoys volunteer work a lot.



رضا علي إبرهيم 
حاصل على  بكالوريوس رقابة جودة 
حاصل علي دبلومة في إستراتيجية التسويق الحديث 

التحق  في أكثر من وظيفه منذ 2013 حتي 2015  فى مجال التسويق والمبيعات تضمنت التسويق الاليكترونى و خدمة العملاء.
حالياً يعمل كمنسق قنوات التواصل الاجتماعي لدى إحدى الجمعيات الأهليه كما أنه منسق لإنتاج الأفلام الوثائقية التي تعبرعن رسالة الجمعية. 

يبادر رضا منذ 2005 بالاشتراك فى أعمال تطوعية تهدف الى خدمة وتوعية المجتمع من خلال تنظيم فعاليات مع جمعيات ومؤسسات أهلية والمسئولية الاجتماعية  لدى احدي الشركات تضمنت تنظيم أول نصف مارثون فى مصر، قائد فريق حملات تنظيف الشوارع بالقاهرة الجديدة، تنظيم وتوثيق فعاليات لرفع الوعي المجتمعي بقضية الأيتام في مصر، مونتيرأفلام قصيرة .



Front End Developer and Social Media

Sara is 31 years old and she is passionate about helping women in Egypt, Planting, Coloring and Psychology study. 



Mahmoud is TEDxCairoWomen lead photographer.

He completed his MBA from Nile University and is currently working in the telecommunications sector.  

​He is a passionate amateur photographer and diver soon to become a diving instructor and has recently begun to incorporate both passions by photographing under water.



Aya is an experienced Graphic, Web Designer & Art Instructor. Skilled in Magazine Design, Vector Illustration, Graphics, Logo Design, and Typography. Aya holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University.



Heba is twenty eight years old. She is Graduated from faculty of commerce Ain shams university and worked as Graphic Designer.

She loves photography and Passionate about inspiring ideas.



Nada is an economics graduate from the faculty of economics and political science, Cairo university.

She's been working in the banking sector since 2014. In her free time, she likes to read and volunteer in different activities.

​She's got a passion for travel and appreciates all forms of art.



Mohamed graduated from the faculty of engineering. He currently works as roads engineer. Mohamed has a passion to travel all over the world taking photos for all beautiful scenes.
Mohamed Joined TEDxCairoWomen photography team in 2017.



Marwa is 19 year old. She was awarded as a best achiever by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, UAE's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Marwa is graphic designer, video editor and content creator.



Ahmed Sallam is a Program Manager with B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Master’s degree in international business administration from ESLSCA. In recent years, Ahmad became an active volunteer in many events and activities related to community development. Early –on Ahmad has developed profound passion for photography and was nick-named “Kodak” among his friends, since then his passion has extended to include under-water (diving) photography. 



Mayar is a certified 23-year-old English language university instructor who graduated from the faculty of arts, Ain Shams University, and pursuing her master's degree in literature there.
Mayar is passionate about volunteering and has been an active member in numerous NGOs and student activities for 6 years. She is interested as well in all forms of art including painting, crafting, music, cinema, and drama. Mayar believes in the power of women in changing the world and the power of art in making people happy.



last year student in applied arts department of photography and cinematography. An observer and nature lover passionate to learn more and get experiences.

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